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Terms and Conditions

General T&C.

(Status as of 6th April 2020)


The Diagnostics Partnering Conference (herein also referred to as “DxPx Conference” or “DxPx”) is an international industry conference just and only for stakeholders from the diagnostics and life science research tool fields. During the one-day event DxPx aims to bring together startup entrepreneurs, creative minds, visionaries, movers, decision-makers and financiers to engender a dialogue to implement an ever-improving exchange with one another – across regional clusters and national boundaries.

The DxPx Conference will take place on Tuesday, 17th November 2020, from 9:00 to 19:00, at the Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf, Maritim-Platz 1, 40474 Dusseldorf. The organizer of the DxPx Conference, sls Partnering GmbH, Brunnenstr. 23, 40223 Dusseldorf, Germany (herein also referred to as the “Organizer”), has exclusively reserved Hall Maritim (2,534 m2 for booths and partnering meeting booths), Hall Dusseldorf (999 m2 for pitches/seating approx. 500) and the Peking conference room (358 m2 for presentations/seating approx. 250).

In the case that you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions as a user of this Website or as a Registrant or Applicant on this Website or as a Participant at the DxPx Conference, please omit using, registration or participation. You may only opt for services and products related to the DxPx as well as use this Website if you agree to these General Terms and Conditions as described below:

The Organizer of the DxPx Conference reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions from time to time. As a registrant, applicant or participant, you are required to review these General Terms and Conditions. In the event that you should not agree to these General Terms and Conditions, you are prohibited from using the products and services of the DxPx Conference, related partnering events and any services offered by sls GmbH in this regard.

1. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions refer to the purchase of services and products offered by the Organizer under the framework of the "Diagnostics Partnering Conference" and similar events.

The services and products referred to above include all offers related to the Diagnostics Partnering Conference) and its derivatives (i.e. events and congresses following a similar format).

These General Terms and Conditions also include the use of the Website and the services offered on it at:

These General Terms and Conditions ensure that the services and products offered online as well as the Website of the Organizer of the DxPx Conference are used responsibly and that the rights and obligations between users and the Organizer are clearly regulated.

Please note that these General Terms and Conditions include all services and products, which means that some passages may not be relevant to you.

2. Agreement to these Terms and Conditions

By using the Website of sls Partnering GmbH, as well as the products and services associated with the Diagnostics Partnering Conference, you thereby agree to these General Terms and Conditions.

3. Registration

On the Website of the DxPx Partnering,, hereinafter also re-ferred to as the/this “Website” which can also be accessed via other Internet domains, a registration for the Diagnostics Partnering Conference can be made.

A "Registrant" within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions can be an Ap-plicant (“natural person or company applying for the DxPx Top 8 pitch”), a Participant (“natural person or company who/that signs up on this Website in order to participate at the DxPx Conference”), an exhibitor (“a natural person or company with a booth at the DxPx Conference”), a speaker (a natural person or company participating as speaker at the Industry Insight event at the DxPx Conference or a different event at the Confer-ence”), a presenter (“person or company presenting a company at the DxPx Top 8 pitch”) or a sponsor (“natural person or company supporting the DxPx Conference as an official sponsor”) who/that is registered with his/her/its name and company information on the Website. The Registrant shall act in his/her/its own name or act with full power and au-thority on behalf of a company or on behalf of another person from whom the Registrant has received authority.

The Registrant shall take legal note of these General Conditions and Terms at the time of registration and must ensure that any authorized substitute Participant is informed of these General Conditions and Terms.

Having said that, the following applies:

a) Registrants can pre-register via the ticketing system offered to participate at the DxPx. Payment by the Registrant will only be initiated after confirmation by the Organizer. Registrants can also only apply as Applicant to present their business at the DxPx Top 8 award by uploading and completing the respective information under the DxPx Top 8 award section on the Website. A later registration as Participant is always possible.

b) The agreement to register on this Website is concluded between sls Partnering GmbH and the Registrant, or the company that this person represents as a "Registrant". The Registrant can, at the same time, also be the user of the services of this Website and of the services or products of the DxPx, or is a person who, in his/her organization, has the authority of the User to act on his/her behalf.

c) The Registrant agrees that he/she, as a "Registrant", uses the services of this Website and the services and products of the DxPx solely in a manner, which complies with these General Terms and Conditions ensuring that all applicable Laws and regu-lations are observed.

d) The Registrant agrees that the information provided along with the application to purchase a service or product in connection with the DxPx or application for the DxPx Top 8 award is correct, comprehensive and applicable, and that the Registrant has the authorization of his/her organization and a person there and that the personal data supplied may be made available as user information.

e) In order to access some of the services on this Website and thus services and prod-ucts of the DxPx, the Registrant must select a password during the registration process; alternatively, a password can be assigned to the registering party, which must then be changed. We would like to point out that the Registrant is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password, as well as for any related activities on this Website. The Registrant agrees not to share the User Name and Password with others, nor to give others the opportunity to use it without the consent of the Organizer. The sole exception to this is the internal transfer to a trusted recipient within in the respective organization.

f) The Registrant agrees to notify the Organizer of the DxPx immediately of any unau-thorized use of the user name or password or any other security breach, as soon as he/she becomes aware of it (

g) The Registrant agrees to compensate any damages attributable to the Registrant to the Organizer of the DxPx as a result of improper use of the Website and/or as a result of the improper use of services and products in connection with the DxPx. This includes statutory, administrative or technical costs resulting from such a claim.

h) The Registrant is obligated to inform the Organizer immediately if he/she leaves the organization with which his profile was linked during the registration process. Use of this Website after leaving the organization under which the application was made is not permitted. Damage resulting from such an infringement is the responsibility of the Registrant who/that will be liable for any damages.

4. Applicants for the DxPx Top 8 award

a) During the DxPx Conference up to 8 startups are presented with the chance to present their business to the audience (“pitch”). Each pitch will be allowed maximal 20 minutes including questions. The selection of those startups to present at the Conference will be made among all startups uploading a business plan before Sept. 30st, 2020 on the Web-site and independent if the respective startup registers as Participant of the conference.

b) The “Applicant” within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions shall be any natural person or legal entity who/that has registered on this Website and applied for the participation in the procedure for the DxPx top8 award according to section 8 lit. c).

c) The Applicant expressly agrees that the Organizer shall be entitled to submit his/her/its business plans to selected industry experts and sponsors of the DxPx Conference who have agreed to review and score business plans in the procedure for the DxPx Top 8 award.

d) The Applicant who/that uploads a business plan with the purpose to apply for a chance to present at the DxPx Conference agrees that the Organizer shall have the right to an-nounce the name of the Applicant publicly and use his name for marketing purposes.

e) The Organizer shall be entitled to inform the Applicant about updates via email. The Applicant agrees that the Organizer shall have the right to announce the name/the compa-ny name and the country of origin of the Applicant publicly and use this information and the logo of the company of the Applicant for marketing purposes.

f) The Applicant agrees that sponsors and industry experts who select the best 8 startups shall be entitled to contact them in the run-up of the DxPx Conference to discuss potential partnerships and cooperations in the future.

g) The Applicant agrees that the Organizer shall be entitled to market the uploaded busi-ness plans to industrial partners who have the interest to cooperate with startups.

h) The Applicant is solely responsible to disclose only information that can be shared for the purpose of evaluating future partnerships and cooperations on a high level. The Applicant is aware that the disclosure of confidential information may pose a risk if respective patents or other rights have not been filed and registered.

i) The Applicant shall hold harmless and indemnify the Organizer against any claims of a third party resulting from a violation of patents or other rights arising from the infor-mation provided to the Organizer.

5. Registration/Participation

a) The “Participant” within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions shall be any natural person or legal entity who/that has registered on this Website at the at the DxPx Conference according to these general terms and conditions in order to participate at the at the DxPx Conference.

b) By registration for the participation at the DxPx via the Website an agreement between the Participant and the Organizer is concluded. Registrants/Participants who/that are obligatorily registered shall have to pay a partici-pation fee pursuant section 6 a). The participation fee includes all rights associated with applying for one-to-one meetings, participating at industry insight discussions as well as the DxPx Top 8 award. Each Participant is fully responsible for the organization of his/her own travel to and from the conference location as well as for his/her accommodation.

c) The payment of a participation fee allows one person to participate in the DxPx Conference. The right to participate at the DxPx includes all rights associated with the specific products and services of participation in the Partnering (section 8a), the Industry Insight talks and discussion forum (section 8b), the DxPx top8 award session (section 8 c), as well as the Exhibition (section 8 d)), general networking and the final Get-together (section 8 f). In as much as conference documents are distributed, they are also included in the participation fee. This also applies to catering and the refreshments supplied and free Internet.

d) The Registrant shall be responsible for the correct classification for himself as a Partici-pant or for the person for whom he/she is acting correctly in the respective category. In case of doubt, the Registrant can contact the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse registration if this has not been done in the right category. Legal recourse shall be excluded. The decision to allow participation and the classification of a Participant in-to a particular Participant group is the sole responsibility of the Organizer.

e) The allocation to the categories and the price of tickets for the DxPx Conference are in the responsibility of the Organizer.

f) The Organizer reserves the right to offer an on-site registration on the day of the event. This will then be done via conventional credit cards. Any additional costs as well as credit card fees are to be paid in full by the Participant.

g) The Participant agrees that the Organizer shall have the right to announce the name/company name and the country of origin of the Participant publicly and use this in-formation and the logo of the company of the Participant for marketing purposes.

h) The Organizer shall be entitled to inform the Participant about updates via email.

i) The Organizer of the DxPx reserves the right to limit the number of Participants from certain professional groups to maintain the partnering character and execution focus of the event between Participants from the diagnostics and life science research tool indus-try. The decision is at the discretion of the Organizer.

6. Payments

a) All fees quoted are in Euro (EUR). The participation fee for Participants from growth companies (defined as less than 20 employees, 5 million€ turnover and 10 years since founding) and non-growth companies differ depending on the time of registration and payment of the fee:

grwoth company fees
[table id=2 /]

non-growth company fee
[table id=3 /]

Special discounts for referrals or other may be available at Organizer discretion.

b) All fees include applicable value added tax according to German law.

c) All payments shall be due and payable within five days after receipt of an invoice.

d) All costs are to be paid in such a way that transfer costs, and taxes and other expenses are born by the Registrant or the Participant (customer) and not by the Organizer.

e) Selected speakers, sponsors, elected startups for the DxPx Top 8 award and accredited members of the press are allowed to participate free of charge; for this purpose eligible persons can obtain a voucher from the Organizer prior to registration on the website.

f) The Registrant alone is responsible for data entry and the correctness of such data. If required, Registrants can request assistance from the organizer who will be glad to help. Responsibility for the content and nature of the registration lies solely with the Regis-trant. Furthermore, any costs arising from cancellation or duplication of applications must be borne by the Registrant.

g) The ticketing system is integrated into the website of the DxPx Conference.

h) The Participant agrees to receive electronic invoices; they do not contain a signature and do not need to contain special digital signature certificates or other security devices.

i) The Organizer reserves the right not to mention Participants and Sponsors in the confer-ence documents (print, Internet) if payment has not been received.

7. Cancellation

a) Cancellation can only be made after payment has been successfully completed.

b) In principle, tickets or other services and products are transferable to persons belonging to the same organization. Please contact the Organizer at least four weeks before the event,

c) Cancellation is possible up to three months before the event. A cancellation fee of 50% of the respective ticket price will be charged if cancellation is made by November 1st, 2020. No refund is possible for cancellations made later than November 1st, 2020.

d) Tickets from promotion actions are not cancellable but transferrable.

e) The cancellation is made via email to

f) Sponsorship agreements are excluded from the above cancellation policy.

g) In cases of force majeure, the affected party is released from its obligation to perform for the duration and effect of the force majeure. Force majeure is any event beyond the control of the affected party and which prevents it from fulfilling its obligation in whole or in part. This includes, but is not limited to, strikes, storms, fire and water damage, pandemics, epidemies, as well as operational disruptions or official orders for which the party is not responsible.

h) The affected party is obliged to inform the other party immediately of the beginning or end of the force majeure and to make every effort to remove the obstacle and reduce the effects as far as possible.

i) If, after the conclusion of the contract, an official order is issued to prohibit the event, which is not expected at that time or has already been announced, the organizer is not liable for damages due to cancellation of the event. The organizer will endeavour to find an alternative date for the event. The Cooperation Partner has no right to displace the event to a date chosen by it. In this case, services already rendered will not be reimbursed. The cooperation partner agrees to the possibility of postponing the event. The displacement of the event in particular does not constitute a right of termination on the part of the cooperation partner. The organizer is also permitted to displace the event if, due to cancellations by guests, speakers or exhibitors, it is not possible for the parties to hold the event in accordance with their interests.

j) In case the event is displaced beyond the date specified in § 7 (2), the contract ends after the event has been held.

k) In case the business event can no longer be realized under any circumstances, the cooperation partner will be reimbursed for fees already paid to the organizer. Any monetary benefits from services already provided by the Organizer will be deducted. Other Claims are excluded.


8. Products & Services

a) One-to-one Partnering

i. Registration at the DxPx will allow access to an app and web-based One-to-one Partnering software that will allow Participants to do the following during the DxPx Conference:

• Access profiles of participating companies and/or participants
• Search for and identify potential partners
• Request meetings with other participants
• Obtain information on information meeting location (room number) and time-slot

ii. Uploading of profile any time after completing registration; partnering software will be available after 1st November 2020.

iii. Meeting will last 20 min.

iv. Restrictions to number of meetings possible if room availability reaches limits or Organizer sees need for restriction.

b) Industry Insights and discussion forum

i. Speakers will be invited and selected by the Organizer at its own discretion. Their partici-pation at the conference shall be free; however, the speakers’ travel cost will not be beared by the Organizer. The Speaker agrees that the Organizer shall have the right to announce the name/company name and the country of origin of the Speaker publicly and use this in-formation and the logo of the Speaker for marketing purposes.

ii. Speakers shall have the right to participate at panel discussions at times to be specified by the Organizer.

iii. Topics for speakers will be defined by the Organizer; selection of speakers will be made by the Organizer.

iv. The Organizer shall have the right to use name/company name of the speakers for mar-keting purposes.

c) DxPx Top 8 award

i. Growth Companies – as defined above – receive the opportunity to upload their business plan in a standardized format to a secure Website portal. Selected industry experts which shall be chosen by the Organizer at its own discretion and sponsors will have access to this portal for the reason to review and score the business plans. The ranking and selection of the best 8 growth companies is based on a 10-point grade system regarding the business plan. The selection of the best 8 growth companies will be made at least 4 weeks prior to the DxPx Conference. The best 8 growth companies will be informed immediately after the selection. They obtain the right to make a short presentation on the company's innovations within a given time frame and receive two free tickets to DxPx each. The best DxPx growth company during this pitch shall receive free registration for two participates for the subsequent DxPx year and shall have the right to present its company prior to pitch session in the following year. Additional prizes may be made available by the Organizer.

ii. The allocation of time slots for the pitches is the sole responsibility of the Organizer. The allocation is made at specific times, which are announced on the Website. For the sake of clarity for all Participants, for organizational reasons or for other reasons, the Organizer can assign pitches to topics, headings or categories. The choice of the topics and the allo-cation of companies to topics, headings or categories, for the smooth running of the event, are the exclusive right and responsibility of the Organizer.

iii. The duration of the short presentations (Pitch) will be fifteen (15) minutes + 5 minutes for questions; the pitch will be assessed by a panel of industry experts and potentially also all listeners who are present at the session and who are able to vote live for example by the app. The winner will be announced at a get-together.

iv. The presentation may be uploaded on the Organizers Website and thereby public available for any internet visitors. However, the Registrant will be asked for the final version of the presentation by email.

iv. Call for Entries
In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the DxPx growth companies competition, all the contestants hereby agree to have fully read, understood and accepted the relevant requirements made by the Organizer. For any possible violation, the organizing committee shall remain the right to cancel the qualification of the entry and take back the relevant prize granted.

v. Entry requirements
Participants: Growth companies (less than 50 employees, less than 10 million € turnover and within 10 years since founding) or teams from the diagnostics and research tool field may sign up.

vi. Entry commitments

(1) The contestants agree to be fully aware of the content of the competition, to play by the rules of the competition, and won’t confront any decision made by the judge.

(2) The contestants guarantee that all data, information and materials submitted by them are true, accurate, legal and valid, and do not infringe the legal rights of any third party. The contestants unconditionally agree that the Organizing Committee of the Competition shall, when necessary, entrust a third party to verify the data, information, materials and relevant information they submit, and provide necessary assistance for the verification.

(3) The contestants guarantee that their products, technologies and related patents belong to them, and that there is no dispute over property rights with any other companies or individuals.

d) Exhibition

Exhibition stands are limited to sponsors and selected growth companies (who participated in the procedure for the DxPx best 8 award and scored best here); Sponsors and DxPx Top 8 growth companies have the right to exhibit. The sponsors and DxPx Top 8 growth companies are entitled to erect a booth at their own expense:

i. The Organizer will supply a table (max. 2m length) and two stools for the booth. Other services are not included and not provided.

ii. Electricity connection will be supplied by the Organizer.

iii. Construction will be organized by the Exhibitor prior to the opening; Organizer may assist booth setup depending on available resources.

iv. Location for conference stands at the DxPx Conference will be assigned by the Organizer.

v. An exhibitor can, however, contact the Organizer for special requirements, The cost of additional exhibition furniture or equipment is to be fully cov-ered by the exhibitor.

e) Sponsorship

Sponsorship can be set-up within the framework of sponsor agreements provided by the organizer or can be customized. Interested parties should contact the Organizer directly:

f) General networking and the final get-together
The most recent agenda and breaks will be available on the website. Soft drinks will be served at all times during the conference and in each meeting room. Coffee, tea and snacks will be served during breaks and a buffet lunch will be provided. Free WiFi access and Part-nering software tool will make planning a visit easy.

9. Copyright

a) All rights, titles and interests (including all copyrights, database rights and other intellectual property rights) in the products and services of the DxPx Conference belong to the Organizer sls Partnering GmbH. They are registered trademarks or intellectual property.

b) Any unauthorized use of the names, logos, trademarks or other intellectual property relating to DxPx Conference is prohibited. The organizer's express consent is required for use. The Organizer draws attention to names, logos and trademarks of other companies or organizations of any kind that appear on the products and services of the Organizer of the DxPx Conference, such as this Website. These are representations of DxPx’s sponsors, supporters and media partners. The use of these by third parties is also prohibited. Per-mission for use can only be granted by the respective company or organization.

c) By participating at the DxPx Conference or by using the Website, no proprietary rights are acquired in connection with products or services related to the DxPx. As a Registrant or Participant or Applicant you agree not to misuse the Website, i.e. not to decompile, change and further develop or to sublicense, or develop derivative products and services based on DxPx Conference and its Website. You may not use, copy, save, download, mod-ify, reproduce, publish, distribute, transmit, or otherwise misuse any information on the Website of the Organizer and DxPx Conference.

d) Participants at the DxPx and users of this Website are allowed to link to this Website, provided the linking is legal and does not violate the reputation of the Organizer.

10. Photography and Video

a) Photographic and film recordings are made at the DxPx Conference or other partnering conferences arranged by the Organizer.

b) The photographs or film clips show situations typical of a partnering event. They reflect the events of the partnering and show people in discussion situations. The pictures show close-ups or individual people and groups. The people in the pictures can/might be clearly identifiable. These photos or footage are used to illustrate the Website of the DxPx Con-ference or other marketing materials, such as flyers, booklets, programs, conference papers, press articles, small gifts (give-aways), as well as use on the Websites of the DxPx Conference and related and derived pages. This includes Social Media, such as LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

c) By registering and participating in the DxPx Conference, you agree to such photo and film recordings as described here. At the same time, you grant the Organizer the right to use one or more pictures on which you are seen personally as a Participant, alone or in a group of people in an environment characterized by the venue and the individual character of the event by the Participants of that day and objects (e.g. exhibition stands). Photos showing non-business-specific motifs that go beyond the character and usual situations of the DxPx Conference are not used by the Organizer or only after acquiring the express permission of the persons shown.

11. General rights and liability

a) The Organizer reserves the right to modify, postpone or cancel the structure, organization and schedule, as well as the framework and rules of individual elements of the DxPx Con-ference and its derivatives without prior notice.

b) The Organizer reserves the right to refuse a request (pre-registration) or an individually submitted request for a product or service of the DxPx Conference at his own discretion, or retroactively to discontinue or to interrupt the registration if the use of a product or service is contrary to the interests of the Organizer or other Registrants, or if the character of the event is thus put in question, e.g. because certain consultative professions are already clearly represented. The Organizer reserves the right to refer to the companies of delegates and to use them in the marketing activities and promotion of the DxPx Conference. This also applies to use in press releases and news published on Social Media.

c) The Organizer reserves the right to discontinue or cancel certain products and services. In this case, a full refund of fees paid will be given to the Participant or the Registrant. However, compensation beyond the fees already paid is not granted or paid.

d) In the event that the DxPx Conference cannot take place due to circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer (force majeure), the Organizer is only obligated to reimburse Participants pro rata, minus the costs incurred by the Organizer for the preparation of the event. Events which could trigger such a situation include, among others and without lim-itation, war or terrorist attacks, civilian national, international or other crises, putsch, strikes, legislation, regulations or other governmental instructions, or climatic or other natural catastrophes such as heat wave, fire, earthquake, volcanic eruption, hurricane, flood, epidemics or any other unforeseen occurrences which the Organizer is not responsible for.

e) The Organizer does not assume any responsibility or liability for slight negligence (einfache Fahrlässigkeit) of its legal representatives or vicarious agents (Erfüllungsgehilfen), unless a fundamental contractual obligation (cardinal obligation – wesentliche Vertragspflicht) has been violated. A fundamental contractual obligation shall be an obligation whose fulfilment is a fundamental prerequisite for the proper implementation of the contract at all and compliance with which the contracting party may regularly trust.

f) The liability of the Organizer for damages arising from injury of life, physical integrity or health, fraud (arglistige Täuschung), wilful behaviour (Vorsatz) and gross negligence of its legal representatives or its vicarious agents (Erfüllungsgehilfen) remains unaffected.

h) The statements, views and opinions of presenting startups, speakers at the Conference, sponsors or Participants are their own and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Organizer. Responsibility for the information in the partnering system or in the Participant section on this website is that of the participating companies and their persons/agents acting in their own responsibility.

i) Recommendations made by the Organizer on this website, or in promotional material used for the DxPx, or in his newsletter or other electronic media, e.g. in the context of ho-tel or travel bookings using Internet links to various affiliate programs from various suppliers in different categories. This is done to ensure variety of selection and to increase the possibility of choice for Registrants.

j) The Organizer will make every effort to ensure that the Website, products and services meet the highest standards. The Organizer shall furthermore ensure that the Website is generally available without interruption and is available in a timely manner and is safe to use and error-free. Defects, once known to the Organizer will be corrected urgently. Appropriate precautions continue to be taken to ensure that the Website of the DxPx Conference remains free from internet viruses. This also applies to the downloads provided. A guarantee, however, cannot be given. Therefore, the Organizer accepts no liability for possible defects or costs incurred by the user by the use or non-use of the website, products and services.

k) The DxPx Conference and its Website provide formats for Participants and companies to provide information for other Participants. This relates, among others, to the partnering system or the Participant section of the Website. Data provided by Participants or other Registrants in these different areas are solely the responsibility of these persons. The Organizer of the DxPx accepts no liability for the correctness of this content or liability for risks arising from the use or non-use of these contents.

l) The Website of the DxPx Conference and the affiliated partnering system may contain Internet links to other Websites registered by the Registrants or Participants. The Organ-izer of the DxPx assumes no responsibility for the use and content of these Websites.

m) For the Partnering system which is integrated into the Website of DxPx Conference the Organizer cooperates with a provider, Converve GmbH, Bahnhofstraße 3, 25355 Barmstedt. The general terms and conditions of this company apply to the use of the partnering. The Organizer of the DxPx has no influence on the structure and organiza-tion of the partnering. The user/Registrant/Participant (customer) is solely responsible for the entry and the correctness of its/his/her data. The Organizer will gladly offer assistance in registering if requested to do so. The responsibility for the content and type of registration lies solely with the Registrant.

12. Confidential Information

a) For the purposes of this Section 12 “Confidential Information” means information dis-closed by the Applicant, Participant and/or other Registrant to the Organizer relating to the Applicant’s, Participant’s/Registrant’s business, submitted business plans, products, affairs and finances, clients, customers and trade secrets including, without limitation, customer lists, billing practices, contractual arrangements, technical data and know-how. For the avoidance of doubt, the fact of the participation at Diagnostics Partnering Conference shall not be deemed to be Confidential Information.

b) The Applicant hereby expressly permits that the Organizer shall be entitled to submit the business plans uploaded by the Applicant in order to present his/her/its business at the DxPx Top 8 award to sponsors, selected industry experts and sponsors of the DxPx Conference who have agreed to review and score business plans in the procedure for the DxPx Top 8 award. The Applicant also expressly agrees that the Organizer shall be entitled to market the uploaded business plans to industrial partners who have the interest to cooperate with startups. The Applicant is solely responsible to disclose only information that can be shared for the purpose of evaluating future partnerships and coopera-tions on a high level. The Applicant is aware that the disclosure of confidential infor-mation may pose a risk if respective patents or other rights have not been filed and registered.

c) Unless provided otherwise under these Terms and Conditions, the Organizer shall keep all Confidential Information strictly confidential and use any Confidential Information only in connection with the services in connection with Diagnostics Partnering Conference and similar events.

This restriction does not apply to: (i) any information in the public domain other than in breach of these Terms and Conditions; (ii) information already in the lawful possession of the Organizer before its receipt from the Participant/Applicant/Registrant (iii) information obtained from a third party who is free to divulge the same; (iv) disclosure of in-formation which is required by law or other competent authorities; and (v) information developed or created by one party independently of the others.

13. Data Protection

The Organizer shall be obliged to comply with the German Data Protection Act. More detail concerning the handling with personal data are available under

14. Severability clause

Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid or unenforceable or become invalid or unenforceable after conclusion of the contract, the validity of the General Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected. The ineffective or impracticable provision shall be replaced by the effective and enforceable regulation whose effects are closest to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the ineffective or impracticable provision. The foregoing provisions shall apply mutatis mu-tandis in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.

15. Court of jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany excluding conflict of laws rules and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). Exclusive court of jurisdiction shall be Dusseldorf.

16. Contact

In case of any questions, please contact the Organizer of the DxPx Conference:

sls Partnering GmbH
Brunnenstr. 23
40223 Dusseldorf